Adam Jagosz
Gradient Ease

A gradient editor for creating smooth CSS gradient backgrounds blended with a cubic-bezier function in the selected color space — OKLab by default — similarly as per this CSS proposal, which can make for smoother, more natural transitions within the gradient. Gradients with semi-opaque color stops can be layered and the composition can be topped with HSV noise. The output can be copied as a CSS snippet. The tool is an extension of the concept explained in this article by Andreas Larsen.

Bulletproof Font Tester

A font proofing tool for visual assessment of font files: kerning, OpenType features, language coverage and completeness. The app can be also used to explore variation axes in variable fonts. Layout can be checked against a multilingual base of texts containing sample sentences, pangrams, lettering strings — sets of A-Z words preferably repeating the initial letter within. A dedicated tab lists some common type design “gotchas” — edge cases worth looking out for when completing language support.


A hackable text editor created to speed up writing down guitar tabs. The app is built around a feature‑rich text editor based on Monaco (the same package that powers VS Code). A MIDI chord player is included for quick preview of the inserted chords. Keyboard can be used to control playback in the embedded YouTube player.