Adam Jagosz
Portrait of Adam Jagosz, a Polish frontend developer, font creator and calligrapher
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I’m a Polish frontend developer and type designer based in Bielsko-Biała. I’m passionate about web typography, web animation, and sprinkling bits of design goodness wherever I can.

For my font projects, I like combining idiosyncratic ideas and somewhat irrational inspirations with a technical, engineering attitude. My flair for linguistics drives me to provide my fonts with broad language support and suitable localization features.

“Rdzawe liście”, a calligraphic rendition of song lyrics, artwork by Adam Jagosz. Calligraphy styles: insular half-uncial and insular minuscule.

I like practising and drawing inspiration from classical calligraphy. It often seems the most natural and fitting to use a ductus dictated by the movement of a hand and a contrast model informed by the implicit writing tool. Alas, a lot of the time, type design is about quite the opposite!

To make it look To make it look even, even,
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Adam Jagosz practising calligraphy
Adam Jagosz making origami
Let’s get Let’s get
Let’s get
in touch in touch
in touch
& make cool stuff & make cool stuff
& make cool stuff

Have a crazy idea that could use an attentive eye and busy hands? Need pixel-perfect alignment, clear UX, show-stopping animations? Let’s talk.

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